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Whether you are looking to increase efficiency across departments, develop best practices, increase customer base or boost revenue, this workshop provides the tools necessary to reach your goals.

This interactive workshop offers personalized sessions on business topics that are designed to keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest trends and tools in financing, sales, marketing, employment, accounting and taxation, business law, and more. Tat’s not all you will get out of this full day seminar. You will also have opportunities for networking and expanding your business connections, interactions with business support service providers and learn how one local entrepreneur built a business based on an idea and plenty of hard work. (download the flyer here)

Event Details:

Amy LaBelle, Keynote Speaker will share her entrepreneurial journey as she built an innovative New England vineyard and award winning winery, bistro, and wedding and events facility located in Amherst, NH

Thursday, May 17, 2018
11:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Delta Dental Stadium
Home of  NH Fisher Cats*
1 Line Drive, Manchester NH

Workshops include:

Raising Capital for your Small Business

This session will cover the various types and sources of financing available. It will provide guidance on what considerations you should make prior to applying for financing, as well as what the lender may consider when reviewing your application. ~Presented by: John Phelan, Enterprise Bank

How to Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes

This session will cover the tools available for brand awareness and business promotion, while covering the pitfalls often encountered in using them. From improper use of social media, to failure to grow and change with your consumer, attendees will walk away with actionable items for improving their marketing ROI. ~Presented by: Stacey Bruzzese, Final Details Marketing & Design

Sales Process 101, and then some!

Sales is not just a numbers game. Sales is a defined process of matching good products/services to customers that are in the market to purchase these product/services. Allowing your team to “wing it” could be costing you closed business..and more importantly money! ~Presented by: Thomas Libby, Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc.

Unlocking Financial Statements

One of the most common challenges is cash flow.  To foresee cash-flow challenges you must have a confident understanding of your financials.  We are going to take a simple approach on how to read and understand the three most important financial statements.  Get out of the minutia so you can pursue your passion and what you do best. ~Presented by: Eric Palmer, Business Cents

Getting Your Legal House In Order to Scale for Growth

Have you ever copied a contract (offer letter for employee, NDA, service or consulting agreement) off the Internet to use for your business? It’s not uncommon for small business owners to use Google as their go-to “law firm” given the expense of attorneys. However, if you’ve ever wondered if your Internet-sourced contracts are leaving your business vulnerable, this presentation will highlight common legal missteps of small businesses so that you can decide whether it is time to fire your Google “attorney” and come up with a different strategy for protecting your business as you grow and scale. ~Presented by: Kristin Mendoza, Bernstein Shur

~Presented by: Kerry Lekas, Dufresne & Lekas, LLC

*All attendees will receive a complimentary ticket to the night’s game.