Your New Hampshire Virtual Incubator

What is a virtual incubator?

A traditional incubator requires an entrepreneur to be a resident at the incubator’s workspace in order to receive mentoring and support. A virtual incubator allows an entrepreneur to garner the advice of an incubator without actually being located at the incubator site. This model enables those entrepreneurs who need the support that an incubator offers but still want to maintain their own offices, warehouses, etc., the ability to do so.

Why is Nashua Innovation Center operating as a virtual incubator?

There are several co-working spaces and a maker space already located in Nashua. Our approach is to look beyond the users of a particular workspace community and provide support to the entire Nashua startup community, whether renting space on their own, working out of their homes or working at the public library or the local coffee shop. Our belief is that bringing groups of passionate entrepreneurs together, wherever located, is the most important part of fostering a startup ecosystem in Nashua.

How will the Nashua Innovation Center offer support to Nashua startups?

Working with various co-working spaces in Nashua, we offer educational and networking opportunities for members. Educational content includes short lunchtime programs that provide an overview on topics important to starting a business (e.g., budgeting and planning for growth, marketing, accounting and business law) and half-day workshops that involve greater detail (e.g. raising capital). Networking events are planned to bring seasoned entrepreneurs together with new entrepreneurs, as well as investors, business advisors and other professionals who are key supporters of the community.

In addition to this, we work to make sure that the Nashua startup community is not an isolated community but is connected more broadly to established businesses in the region. By creating a simple conduit for developing these business relationships during the early years, entrepreneurs can be confident that the Nashua business community has the resources they need as their businesses continue to grow and scale.

Additional programs and services continue to be developed to better serve the Nashua Startup Community.

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